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Bubble Protection – Is Online Poker Tournament Insurance Worth It?

Nov 25, 2011

bubble protection for online poker tournaments
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Bubble Protection – What is it?

A new service from provides online poker tournament players a hedge against busting out while almost ‘in the money’, but not ‘almost’ enough. Well, we’ve all been there.

Remember the last time when you almost made the cut off point, when you were practically ‘in the money’, with a healthy stack, but something went wrong. Maybe some donkey on a lucky streak decided to re-raise all in with K-9o against your Queens (just because they like dogs) and the go and catch an inside straight?’

Maybe you just passed out at 6am piss drunk. Who knows.

In any case, this is where bubble protection comes in to save the day. The tournament bubble is that magical barrier that separates those who win something and those who leave the game with nothing.

The payout structure of every online poker tournament is different and depends on the rules of the event so it could be anywhere from a couple percent and up.

With Bubble Protection, a player can insure themselves and extend the cut of point to 10% of the field. Think about it. Poker is about advantage, and that’s one big advantage.

Bubble Protection is currently not available for USA players due to the political environments, but will be, as soon as the laws change.

For now though, Americans can take a look at these USA online casino where Americans are welcome.

Bubble Protection: How it works

The best part though, is that players have up to 10 minutes after the tournament starts to sign up for bubble protection.

You know online tournaments. I’ve seen people go all in on the first hand with 2-4o and get called by a 2-5o. There is lots of gambling and loose insanity going on, and if you are in the right place and the right time, you can triple or quadruple up. And you can still get the bubble protection even if you have the biggest stack in the tournament, as long as it’s during the first ten minutes.

Also towards the end of the tournament, when the entire field is playing ultra-tight to ensure they don’t bust out before the bubble, players who have bubble protection will be free to make moves and get all those juicy blinds, since bubble protection ensured that you made it into ‘the money’ before everyone else.

This is where you get your value. While many of the other online tournament poker players who are not insured by bubble protection and are too scared to make moves without a monster hand, you can be using this time to build up your chips to make the leap for the final table. is the only online poker tournament bubble insurance business that offers not just a few spots but a full 10% of the field.

Chris Moorman, one of the best online poker tournament experts, as well as casino poker tournament master with over 7 million won is endorsing Bubble Protection. Moorman has no reason to endorse anything. The kid is liquid.

But who cares. Think for yourself if it makes sense, whether its +EV and decided whether it’s worth checking out. We think it is.

And don’t forget to sign up for Party Poker as well.

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