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Chinese Mobile Casinos Promoters Prepare for Motorola MT917

Nov 28, 2011

Chinese mobile casinos and Motorola MT917
Motorola MT917

Chinese mobile casinos can soon be accessed via a tough and powerful smartphone – Kevlar built Motorola MT917.

Motorola will shortly treat fans of foreign based Chinese mobile casinos to a feature rich smartphone – the MT917. The upcoming TD-SCDMA droid is heading exclusively for China Mobile carrier and among other ritzy features, the smartphone will include a back panel, unlike the Mao5000 Mobile released to universal praise and acclaim in the government control media despite being released without a back cover due to an alleged funds misappropriation.

The back cover on the Motorola will be made scratch and rust prove from reinforced Kevlar, will come in handy in case you have to drop the phone following a jaw-breaking mobile progressive jackpot win (or during an arrest by the secret police).

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the phone’s driving force. That sure makes regulars of Android casinos be certain that Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system powering the Motorola MT917 will find its way onto the upcoming device faster than a one legged coolie.

Chinese mobile casinos

The new phone will boast a 1280×759 4.5 inch display, a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 13MP snapper with 1080p video capabilities. The Motorola MT917 is also following the latest trend and is just 8.5mm thick. Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant screen, zinc frame and splash-proof coating are also a nice addition.

The phone will be available to all fans of Chinese mobile casinos in mid-December exclusively at China Mobile, but industry experts suggest an international GSM version of the smartphone is very likely indeed. Hopefully Motorola can treat fans of mobile casino games to a better solution than to name the monster after some mathematical problem by then.

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