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Best Game Consoles of 2011 – Top 10 Countdown | 6 -10

Nov 30, 2011

top 10 best game consoles in 2011
Top 10

Best game consoles of 2011 will be counted down starting with 6-10 of the best of 2011, because after a session of online blackjack we all need to unwind!

Video game graphics are becoming more and more advanced by the minute, multimedia capabilities are improving and gaming is becoming more and more common every day.

In our world of advanced technology, where social networking and interactive gameplay are now mainstream, is it any wonder that video game consoles and video gaming in general have become so popular, especially with fans of mobile casinos.

Best Game Consoles – PSP 3000 the Rocket in Your Pocket

#6 PSP 3000 casino online games Pros The PSP 3000’s online capabilities and outstanding graphics are ideal for on-the-go gaming.


The overall size is quite large compared to other handheld gaming devices.


The PSP 3000 is larger than other portable gaming devices, but it has the highest quality graphics and best online help and support.The PSP Network provides online game play for PSP users, offering unique IDs, matchmaking according to skill level, region, language and custom settings for play between friends. Not as good as this week’s bonuses at Wild Jack Mobile Casino, but close.

PSP also offers Remote Play options, including online blackjack enabling users to access many PS3 features from a remote location. Compatible content includes photos and slideshows, music files and stored video files, among others. However, while most PS3 features are accessible by remote on the PSP, several media, including DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, PS2 and PS3 games are not supported.

The PSP 3000 game console utilizes 802.11b, IrDA and USB for internet connectivity. The PSP console is equipped with an embedded browser that allows for multi-tab web browsing and online game play. Content downloads are also available through both the PSP Network and other third parties.

Nintendo DSI XL – Digital Tsunami

#7 Nintendo DSIXL casino Pros The Nintendo DSi XL is one of the best gaming consoles and boasts a large screen and long battery life.


The buttons did not increase in size with the unit, and the online features are still lacking.


The Nintendo DSi XL is simply a larger version of the already existing DSi handheld.The Nintendo DSi XL comes with three pre-installed titles and additional software to get you up and running without needing to download and install software later on.

The apps that come with the device are simple yet fun, and they include Brain Age Express: Art & letters, Photo Clock, Flipnote studio and of course Nintendo DSi Browser.

Nintendo’s Wi-Fi network and download center include additional apps to keep you busy. The network used for the DSi is no different from previous Nintendo handhelds and so it offers the same apps as are available for the smaller model.

Nintendo DSI – Wisdom of the Ancients

#8 Nintendo DSI casino games Pros The Nintendo DSi  is one of the best gaming consoles and offers a variety of online capabilities and dual-screen game play.


The overall video graphics could be improved.


The Nintendo DSi offers both online game play and exciting games.

The Nintendo DSi can connect to the web via Wi-Fi 802.11 connections. Secure connections can be set up for encryption standards WPA and WPA2 on the Advanced Settings menu. Previous DS units could support only the less-secure WEP standard.

The Wi-Fi capability allows for multiplayer gaming with people worldwide. The internet connection also puts you in direct touch with the DSi Shop from which you can download games, much like the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and Wii Ware or Apple’s App Store. You can purchase Nintendo Points though the manufacturer’s website and at retailers. LadyLucks Mobile Casino is offering the granddaddy of all match bonuses, don’t miss it!

You can download the Nintendo DSi Browser free of charge from the DSi Shop, turning the little device into a complete internet-capable machine complete with email access and web surfing.

The DSi’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows it to be used as an additional controller for the Wii. Technical support is available via telephone and email. We’ve found Nintendo’s online repair chat service to be particularly helpful and responsive.

Nintendo Ds Lite – Conquers the Mighty

#9 Nintend Lite casino Pros The long battery life and use of dual touch screens are ideal for any game type.


The handheld device is one of the best gaming consoles and  lacks video quality and processing power.


The Nintendo DS Lite is ultra portable and offers a unique way of playing your favorite Nintendo titles.

The Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection service connects friends using “Friend Codes,” which are unique codes you authenticate when you first go online. This measure provides a measure of privacy, while also enabling unique IDs for online game play.

Nintendo has also taken steps to allow you to transfer your friend codes to a new Nintendo DS system in the event you make a new purchase or upgrade.

Though the Nintendo DS Lite is one of the best gaming consoles and  is limited in its multimedia functions, its web browser does offer some respite.

However, despite the multimedia limitations of standard Nintendo DS systems, Nintendo has developed several media accessories that increase potential multimedia uses for the Nintendo DS.

Using the same Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service as the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo DS Lite transforms into an additional controller for the Wii without any additional accessories.

You simply use the microphone and touch screen as command inputs for Wii games. The Nintendo Channel also enables Wii owners access to content downloads, demos and game expansions for their Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console.

PS2 – We Shall Never Forget

#10 PS2 casino online games Pros You can play all older PlayStation games on the PS2.


There is a new game console which replaces the PS2.


If you own a lot of older PlayStation games and do not have a backwards-compatible PS3, this system will play them all. The PS2 offers full backward compatibility with PS1, requiring neither software updates nor advanced storage capabilities.

With more than 1,800 game for the best game console title releases in its 7 years, the PS2 stands alone for the most number of game titles issued directly to a gaming console.

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