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Nokia Casinos Gamers Weep As Vertu About to Be Sold Off

Dec 8, 2011

Nokia casinos could soon forget about Vertu
Nokia and Vertu

Nokia casinos are about to lose luxurious touch as the Finnish company is thinking about selling Vertu division.

The smartphone business division of Nokia is still in its infancy, with only a couple of weeks gone by since the launch of their first Windows Phone 7 powered device. And like all infants, Nokia’s baby needed a constant supply of mother’s milk, attention, and nurture.

Yet what if the mother is a crack whore who’s turning tricks to feed her growing drug habit with enough left to keep Big Willis, her boyfriend and pimp, off her back? We’ve all read tragic stories of throw away babies found in dumpsters. But unlike that baby moma, Nokia did all right by its infant. Nokia instead sells her prized possesion.

According to casino gambling news Nokia plans to sell the Vertu division of luxury phones in order to feed the starving smartphones.

The price of the division is still unknown as Vertu publishes its financials together with Nokia. But some Nokia gambling enthusiasts learned that an evaluation is currently under way. Estimates put Vertu’s annual revenue between €200 million and €300 million.

Nokia casinos

The estimates seem to reveal quite good standing, considering that the Vertu market niche is really small. The company is also rumored to make a juicy profit every year, unlike its parent company, struggling to establish its presence on the smartphone market.

Some fans of mobile casino games, close to the company, speak about Nokia appointing Goldman Sachs to help facilitate the sale of Vertu. Even though we’re still in early stages, Vertu is rumored to have attracted a lot of interest from luxury goods brand and private equity groups.

No official statement from the Finnish company has yet reached Nokia casinos regulars.

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