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Nokia Gambling Ready For Symbian Belle Upgrades

Dec 9, 2011

Nokia gambling on older phones
Symbian Belle

Nokia gambling will soon run on old devices just as good as it does on current Symbian Belle-powered smartphones.

Die-hard fans of Nokia casinos, enjoying mobile gaming on older Symbian phones will soon be able to treat their devices to a Symbian Belle update. The phones in question include Nokia E7, N8, X7, C6-01, E6, Oro and 500.

Previous reports suggested the update would reach fans of mobile casinos sometime before the end of 2011, but it looks like it wasn’t meant to be. According to official sources the Belle update will be available in “early 2012”.

Nokia gambling

We love these “early-“ and “late-“ from Nokia, meaning absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. Based on the previous experience with the Finnish company February 2012 would seem like the most probable date.

No way to know which regions will be getting the update first, or will it be a global event. However hats off to Nokia for not turning their backs on their loyal fans, using older phones. With their current focus on Windows Phone powered devices, Nokia could’ve easily forgotten about their Symbian commitments.

The huge popularity of Nokia gambling and quite a wide user base of Symbian-powered phones are clearly the reason behind Nokia’s attention to older phones. Let’s hope they continue this practice in the future and will keep treating their client to newer updates.

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