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Motorola Mobile Casinos Beat German Apple to a Pulp

Dec 12, 2011

Motorola mobile casinos on top of Apple in Germany
Motorola vs Apple

Motorola mobile casinos came out victorious in Germany, winning a preliminary injunction against a line of Apple products in the country.

Motorola recently succeeded in winning a preliminary injunction against several Apple devices in Germany. The products in question are highly popular with German fans of mobile casinos and include: iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 3G and iPad 3GS. Motorola has convinced the German court that Apple is infringing Motorola’s patent in regards to GPRS connectivity.

The legal war is not won yet, however Motorola has the right to enforce the injunction in Germany, effectively preventing iPhone gambling fans from buying the gaming tools in Germany. In order to do so, Motorola needs to come up with a €100 million bond. This is a big risk for the company that has just stopped its decline and returned to profitability.

Motorola mobile casinos

It’s hard to predict how things will play out between the two giants. Motorola might end up offering Apple a license for GPRS patents, provided Apple pays for damages since 2007. Apple on the other hand is reluctant to pay and is looking for ways to appeal the injunction.

The next hearing is expected in February, and Apple has a similar battle to fight on the American market, however things seem to go a lot smoother for Cupertino-based company there. Currently fans of mobile casinos are welcome to enjoy both iPhone casinos and Motorola mobile casinos in Germany.

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