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New iOS 5 Update to Provide Mobile Gamers With More Options

Dec 13, 2011

Apple issued iOS 5.1 beta 2 update
iOS 5.1 beta 2

Mobile gamers welcome the news that Apple supplied the latest iOS 5.1 beta 2 update to software developers for testing.

iPhone casinos enjoy a great deal of popularity thanks to constant software updates from the company. The recent trouble with battery in iOS 5 has been causing a lot of headache to mobile gamers and technophiles alike. Read more in our Short Battery Charge of Apple iOS5 Ruining Mobile Gamers Lives article.

The latest update will not only address the painful battery issue, but will also focus on ability to delete individual photos from the Photo Stream, in case fans of mobile casino games are not too happy with particular images of their faces.

As the situation stands right now, once a picture is taken on an Apple device, Photo Stream (iCloud service) will automatically sync the image with all iOS devices of the user. The iOS 5.1 beta 2 is aimed at allowing regulars of mobile casinos to delete any image on the devices with the update. Older images will have to be deleted manually from all synced devices.

Apple didn’t stop at iOS update and released iTunes 10.5.2 upgrade offering various improvements for iTunes Match. The iTunes update will also solve the audio distortion issue, appearing when playing or importing selected CDs.

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