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Windows Mobile Gambling Untouched by GTA Bug

Dec 16, 2011

Windows mobile casinos unaffected by bug
WP 7.5 bug

Regulars of Windows mobile casinos can relax, the Windows Phone 7.5 bug will not affect mobile gaming in any way.

A recently discovered bug in the Windows Phone 7.5 OS sent a shockwave of panic across the mobile casinos fans horde. Turns out the bug only affects the messaging service, mobile casino gambling is functioning in normal regime.

Windows mobile gambling is a relatively new category with yet too few devices powered by the Windows Phone 7.5. However the young OS has already encountered its first major bug. It has been reported that an SMS or a simple chat message from Facebook or Windows Live Messenger is able to turn off the Messaging Hub.

The bug was discovered on device running Windows Phone 7.5 (build 7720 and 7740) and early reports suggest that the problem lies within the OS itself and not a specific device. In case users have a Live icon attached to the home screen from the contact, which sent you the message in question, the whole device will freeze.

However, the bug fix has already been discovered. Restarting the device and removing the Live tile before it fully loads, will solve the problem. Yet, users still won’t be able to access the Messaging hub, and that remains an issue. Backing up the photos, documents and other things is still possible before a hard reset.

The bug has not affected mobile casino gambling in any way and it doesn’t compromise the security of the given phone. Microsoft software specialists are currently working on the permanent fix.

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