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Galaxy Nexus Inventory Drained by New Samsung Casino Players

Dec 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus out of stock
Galaxy Nexus

Mobile gamers rushed to purchase the latest wonder phone causing Verizon shops to run out of Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock within hours.

The magnitude of Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone popularity is beyond doubt. The latest phone, featuring Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS out of the box was sold out at Verizon shops within hours of going on sale.

Fans of mobile casinos expect the new smartphone to bring never-before-seen gaming experience thanks to its impressive features and the new Android OS.

Fortunately Android casinos regulars still have a chance to scoop the Samsung Galaxy Nexus either at Amazon or BestBuy. Mobile gamers can lay their hands on the new phone for $150 or $300 with a 2-year carrier deal depending on the on-board memory.

Verizon assured fans of mobile casino games that new devices are arriving daily to replenish the stocks, however they are sold on a first-come first-served basis. With Christmas season upon us it would be extremely difficult to catch a free smartphone.

Industry experts agree that both Amazon and BestBuy will also eventually run out of stock. If a couple of weeks more waiting doesn’t scare you, it’s advised to put of the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, until stocks return back to normal and you will be able to purchase the phone at the nearest store.

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