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Next Generation iPhone Casinos Development Discussed

Dec 29, 2011

Next generation iPhone rumors
Next Generation iPhone

Rumors on the next gen iPhone circle the internet leaving mobile gamers wondering about the features of the next Apple monster.

Only a couple of months passed since iPhone 4S was introduced to fans of mobile casinos, but the next generation iPhone rumor train is already gaining steam. Technophile and mobile gaming boards are full with hot discussions about the next Apple phone.

A source close to the Cupertino company revealed that the next iPhone gambling tool will be released in autumn 2012, about the same time the iPhone 4S saw the light of day.

The design of the next generation Apple smartphone will be completely different according to the same source. Mobile casino games enthusiasts will be treated to an all-aluminum back, attached to the screen glass with a combination of plastic and rubber sides hiding the antenna system.

This particular rumor makes sense: the iPhone still remains the only Apple product not using aluminum as its primary material. Naturally, the metal blocks antenna signal transition and reception, but this is where the plastic and rubber non-interfering materials step in.

Of course, there’s no way to confirm the latest rumors until we hear something official from the Apple orchard. With almost an entire year left before the launch of the new iPhone, things may radically change in every aspect. We will continue to monitor developments and report the news as soon as they surface.

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