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Online Blackjack Guide Official 2012 Forecast For Mobile Casino Fans

Jan 1, 2012

online casino fans to enjoy 2012
2012 Shines, a trusted online blackjack guide, has forecasted 2012 an exciting year for fans of mobile casino games from around the world.

In what has become a New Year’s Day tradition, the general manager of emerged from a six hour long meeting with online and mobile casino gambling gaming analysts, industry insiders, owners and regulators to announce that 2012 shall be known as the year of the mobile casinos.

In what has become a highly anticipated event, entertained both journalists as well as a band of loyal fans who braved the chilly winds and low temperatures to witness the event.

“I try to make it to this celebration of both online and mobile blackjack every year, because there is something for everybody here and I have yet to see anyone leave here disappointed,” explained Mr. Danny Loys, a self-described groupie and a mobile blackjack and roulette aficionado from Belgium.

Mobile Casino Survey Says

The results of a mobile casino player preferences survey indicated a wave of nostalgia as nearly 50% of players would like to see more of the old time favorites such as Donkey Kong, Tetris, Superman, and Pacman integrated into native mobile casino gambling apps.

Alex Nevsky, a senior technology reporter with mobile gambling news, described the trend as an important milestone in the maturation of the mobile gaming industry as a whole.

“Mobile casino gamers have realized that unlike online casinos, the limitations of the screen size prevents too many bells and whistles; and there are only so many reels you can squeeze into a mobile screen without requiring a microscope,” he further explained.

To be continued…

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