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Newt Gingrich is Doing Well Despite Open Marriage Scandal

Jan 23, 2012

Latest odds for US politics
Newt Gingrich

Personal life scandals can help or hurt anyone, especially Presidential candidates. Scandalous news often are a free and good advertising.

According to casino gambling news, Newt Gingrich is doing well in his Republican presidential campaign despite a scandal involving his allegedly ”open marriage” proposition to his former wife.

This scandal seems to have helped him as the victory in the South Carolina primary shows. This puts into the corner his rival, Mitt Romney who still leads Republican race, but without dominating it.

Meanwhile, Gingrich’s recent scandal and win are giving him wings as his campaign machine is raising some serious greenbacks.

Betting and Politics

According to one of political betting bookmakers, the payout for Newt Gingrich’s win in a Republican nomination race is 3/1, while Mitt Romney is still a favorite by odds of 1.4/1. Other candidates, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, have to live with tiny odds of 17/1 and 51/1, respectively.

For those interested in betting with smart strategies, applied to politics, the odds for overall victory in November’s Presidential elections, are for the favorite Barack Obama (1.67/1), followed by Mitt Romney (3.5/1), and Newt Gingrich (6.50/1).

For those desperate for money, and into BlackBerry gambling, the payout for eventual President, Rick Santorum, is 101/1.

Interestingly, if Hillary Clinton decided to step up to her boss, Barack Obama, for the Democratic nomination, and subsequently won the presidency, the payout is 51/1.

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