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Android Casinos Still Strong in US While Apple is Gaining Ground

Jan 24, 2012

US smartphone market Q4 2011
Nielsen report

Mobile gamers helped smartphone manufacturers acquire deeper penetration on US market, as Nielsen published their report for Q4 2011.

The figures in the latest US smartphone market report from Nielsen are not unexpected. iOS gained a lot of lost ground on Android thanks to the iPhone 4S release, however the little green man is still the favorite among the fans of mobile casinos.

The two most popular OS were almost identical in sales terms in December. Although Windows Phone improved its market position, it has still a long way to go until it becomes a major competitor on US smartphone market.

Android casinos were not the last factor in helping the OS scoop up 51.7 percent of smartphone sales in Q4. Android share decreased to 48.7 and 46.9 percent in November and December respectively, primarily thanks to strong iPhone sales.

Apple iOS enjoyed 44.5 percent share in December, nearly doubling up from October 25.1 percent. Overall Q4 share for devices favored by iPhone casinos was 37 percent.

RIM is still struggling and managed only a 6 percent share in Q4, compared to the 7.7 percent figure back in October. Windows Phone saw 1.4 percent market share in Q4, a minor improvement on the 1.3 percent.

Another major trend noted by Nielsen is that increasing number of US customers are switching to smartphones. Overall only 46 percent of users had a smartphone by Q4, 60 percent of US buyers, who purchased a new device in Q4, chose a smartphone.

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