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Newt Gingrich Backed with Money From a Rich Casino Mogul

Jan 29, 2012

Casino mogul pays for Gingrich campaign
Casino money

Rich casino mogul backs Gingrich with millions of casino-earned cash as presidential bid continues.

According to casino gambling news, Gingrich received $10 million for his Presidential bid campaign from the multi-billionaire casino owner.

Sheldon Adelson has a fortune estimated at over $20 billion. His casino empire has properties in world’s hottest gambling spots, which include Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau.

Adelson started as a ”shoeshine” boy and his first business involved distributing newspapers. Following on that, he started computer trade shows and finally moved into casino business. It’s a real life rags-to-riches story, less and less seen in declining America.

Opponents argue that this may buy positive bias and influence potential President of the United States thanks to some real money donations. But, of course, it is nothing new in American politics.

Casino money lifts odds for Gingrich

With the serious loot received from the casino man, Gingrich continues to battle other candidates for the Republican Party nomination while not hesitating to make controversial statements such as calling Palestinians ”invented people,” provoking the already aggressive Hamas fighters as well as terrorists and a whole bunch of shit-stirrers.

According to Paddy Power, one of the renowned Mobile sportsbooks, the odds for Gingrich as the next president are 10/1.

Per mobile gambling news, the current odds for other candidates are 4/6 for Barack Obama, 7/4 for Mitt Romney, 40/1 for Ron Paul, and 100/1 for Rick Santorum.

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