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Microgaming Live Dealer Offerings Receive Diamond Edition

Feb 6, 2012

Microgaming live dealer casinos to receive Diamond Edition software
Microgaming software

Microgaming has introduced a new program to assist their live dealer casino offerings, the aptly named Diamond Edition.

Most online gamers have heard of Microgaming. The online casino software manufacturer and games producer offers products housed at many of the most popular online casinos on the internet. The company is at the forefront of designing casino technology, according to the latest casino gambling news.

This week sees the launch of their latest innovation, the Diamond Edition with upgraded graphics, breathtaking realism, and real time video streaming. The new software is rumored to revolutionize the live dealer casino gaming industry. As far as reports go, this technology is exclusively available to players at Microgaming powered Blackjack casinos online.

Aimed at offering as much information as possible to gamers, and certainly more than ever before, the Diamond Edition along with its sleek and streamlined appearance, is something entirely new in the gaming world. Aspects of the software, such as the multi-player roulette wheel, are designed to make it easier for players to interact with one another, and see each others bets. Much like you’d experience in a real-life, land-based casino.

A spokesperson for Microgaming had the following to say about the product, and how it works: “The Diamond Edition was partly conceived because of the trend we have noticed towards playing multi-player games, and we were keen to ensure that players have even greater opportunity to take advantage of this function, this time through Roulette and not online blackjack. Already, 16 Microgaming customers are using the Live Games product after just one year in the market, meaning that our first-rate technology and comprehensive live experience is being used by thousands of gamers worldwide.”

Based on the Isle of Man, privately owned Microgaming has experimented with live dealer casino games for quite some time now, with varying degrees of both success and failure. This latest move by the casino software developer is seen as a step in the right direction, and will hopefully be found at a large number of the 120 online casinos, and 40 online poker sites, that feature Microgaming software.

The live dealer Diamond Edition is scheduled to be released with immediate effect at online casinos that feature both Microgaming software, and also house live dealer casino offerings. It is widely expected that the live dealer Diamond Edition will be released for online casinos only, as there are no current plans afoot to see a mobile casino release of the program.

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