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Fraudster to Face Jail for Gambling Related Theft

Feb 6, 2012

Cheating and stealing gambler
Gambler thief

Even an 89-year-old grandmother wasn’t spared by a wicked and compulsive grandson in need of gambling money.

Sometimes an irresponsible and compulsive behavior will land a man in jail. Andrew P. from Leeds, United Kingdom, really enjoyed gambling for quite some time. This wouldn’t be bad except that his habit became extremely repetitive and compulsive. As claimed, the man also suffered from an excessive growth hormone and, seemingly, gambling helped him to kill the pain.

Never bothering to learn a profitable Casino Strategy, the 32-year-old man concentrated on fraud to raise funds for his gambling addiction. While his losing black jack strategies backfired, he has taken an unsecured $75,000 loan again his parents’ home.

After losing that, he had registered online bank accounts in the names of his mother and very old grandmother. From the accounts, he stole over $20,000. He even hoaxed his sister into pretending to be their mother to take out a house loan.

Overall, as reported by casino gambling news, the rogue gambler took out nine loans (including credit cards) in the names of his family members for an amount exceeding $200,000. This is how much he lost on gambling over 13 months.

As the entire family was deprived of the life savings, the good news is that some of the losses will be covered by the credit card companies. This is the fortunate part of the story.

The unfortunate news, for the wicked gambler, is that he will need to serve 20 months in jail for fraud and theft. This is quite benign, as the case took place in Britain. In America, with a bad attorney, the man could get 20 years.

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