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Mexican Casino Mafia Boss Revealed as Top Donor to Obama Campaign

Feb 8, 2012

Dirty money for Obama
Barack Obama

Not only Newt Gingrich has to face a scandal involving a casino donation. Now, Obama presidential bid has been hit with alleged donation from drug crime and casino money.

As reported by casino gambling news, a Mexican casino mogul, Mr. Rojas, also involved in drugs trade and fraud, has been donating money for Obama’s reelection. While the man fled from American justice system, it is rumored that the donations were given to help in seeking a presidential pardon.

The man also survived an assassination attempt by the organized crime tied to casinos and drug trade.

The donations were actually given by Mr. Rojas’ brothers as he himself, a wanted fugitive linked to violence, wouldn’t come up directly. The amount exceeded $200,000 and, possibly could have grown, if not exposed by The New York Times.

A pardon for money? Perhaps, this is too far of a claim, however, the fact is that Mr. Rojas’ money ended up in Obama campaign pockets. As presidential campaigns can be tougher than Black Jack Tournament battles, real money always helps.

Shame on Obama

As there is no evidence that Obama himself knew of this, it is, nevertheless, highly embarrassing. Since Mr. Rojas is involved in casino business, it starts to look that casino tycoons are helping the presidential candidates. Recent donation to Gingrich campaign shows that.

As the scandal grows, President Obama will return the campaign money tied to this fugitive. Despite this, Barack Obama is still favored by Mobile sports betting and political bets establishments with the highest odds of winning the November elections.

Does it always take a major newspaper or news channel to expose crooked practices involving politics?

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