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Online Poker Encyclopedia Helping Players Fine Tune Skills

Feb 18, 2012

poker wiki
Poker Wiki

Poker Wiki is launched, revealing a one of a kind website for Poker players the world over.

In some rather exciting casino gambling news this week, a new website was launched that in essence is a giant poker encyclopedia similar in style to Wikipedia and is forecasted to become a huge hit with all the poker fans from around the world.

The online encyclopedia is set up and run essentially in the same manner as Wikipedia, with its content being edited, maintained and updated by volunteer poker players and poker fans from many different countries.
The online poker encyclopedia will contain almost anything a newbie or a pro would ever want to see, about tactics and personalities associated with this beloved game of skill.

The innovation is claimed to be the brainchild of PKR, a UK based online poker room. Although they claim to have financially funded the site, the Poker Room’s Media Manager, Dan Grant, insists that the Poker Wiki is not associated with PKR, and that control of the content of the website will be up to poker players across the world. Grant stated that despite using a team of writers to start the project off, it is now up to the world poker community to get the articles into the site, and to help it flourish.

Far more than being just an encyclopedia on poker however, users hope that The Poker Wiki will become a hub for all poker players.

Aside from biographies of more well-known players, the site will also host information put up by event organizers about upcoming tournaments, with detailed contact information and event calendars also expected to be amongst the material hosted on the site.

As of writing, there are 123 pages of content available on the website, though as The Poker Wiki becomes the focus of more and more news stories across the web, and gamers come to learn of its existence, this figure is expected to be exponentially increased in the coming days, weeks and months.

Some of the key aspects of the site may focus on strategies, tips and hints, poker rules. An almanac if you will, to provide amateur players learning material before they venture out into the big wide world of poker.

Also detailed on the site, will be an in-depth accurate history of the game, along with several poker company pages, dedicated to lure any gamers that become ensnared by regular visits to the site, into their online poker rooms.

Whilst there has long been many online poker sites on the internet that offer tips, hints, strategies and news about poker, there has never been one true hub which contains everything. At least, that is what the global consensus feels that the site could become.

The encyclopedia is live now, and to launch the start of The Poker Wiki, the website gives the following statement to newcomers into its realm…

“Welcome to The Poker Wiki – the online poker encyclopedia created by players, for players. If you are here to brush up on your poker knowledge, we have a great range of articles covering all aspects of the game – from history to strategy, players to poker rooms – with more being added every week.

What’s more, you can be a part of poker history today by uploading an article of your own. Our aim is to become the number one poker info site on the web, by allowing players everywhere to share their knowledge of the game with the world. Just check out our User Guide to get started.”

With such a volume of material all soon to be safely housed less than one site, the future of the poker encyclopedia looks very bright indeed. Poker players may finally feel that they have a site to equal those already set up to deal with the multitude of online blackjack, online bingo and online casino news and information.

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