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Chances for a Million Dollar Blackjack Win Unfulfilled

Feb 21, 2012

Play blackjack to win a million bucks
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This was the chance of a lifetime for many blackjack players and other soldiers of fortune hoping for a quick million.

The big news was announced last December by a major casino resort in Las Vegas. The revelation, as reported by casino gambling news, was perhaps too good to be true… but it could happen. Yes, as the land-based casino announced, lucky blackjack players will be given a shot at winning $1,000,000.

The entry requirement was simple: get the casino to deal you a blackjack and you will enter for a chance to win the loot. Seven lucky gamblers qualified.

So the Black Jack Tournament began and the Lucky 7 played and played. The result was quite disappointing. Only one of them won and it was a relatively petty $10,000.

As rumored, some players traveled a long distance and left Vegas empty handed. No Blackjack Tricks helped. Nothing. The casino will keep $990,000.

Maybe the casino will run another tournament. The truth is that blackjack and other players don’t need to travel to fabulous, yet too distant for many, Las Vegas. The options for blackjack or poker tournament participation are many. A gambler doesn’t even need to leave his or her home as Blackjack casino online opportunities are many.

So the advice is to practice and study best blackjack card counting books while scanning the online tournament opportunities. Don’t jump into fire at once, play and learn in small steps. Who knows, you may eventually become a blackjack champion.

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