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Asian Kids in UK Prefer Gambling Over School or Work

Feb 25, 2012

Online gambling in UK grows among Asians
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While there is a social disapproval of gambling in Asian communities, the fact remains that people from that part of the world just love to gamble.

In UK, gambling opportunities are aplenty. Take for example the many sports betting shops available as readily as fried chicken restaurants or pubs full of card and dice games. While in London, within minutes, on the way to the pub, you can get a fried chicken snack and place a bet in the store next door.

On top of these, you can play mobile arcade games on your smartphone, or if you prefer, at a pub or a casino. Arcade games, however, offer low winning payouts but are available to underage gamblers.

In fact, as BBC report points out, many schoolchildren, even 11-year-olds, play these with their pocket money. As the study concluded, Asian kids are the frequent gamblers and are twice more likely than other children to become addicted to gambling.

The Asian kids also ranked the lowest when asked about the level of enjoyment derived from working, scoring even lower then Pikers for the first time since the beginning of testing. A spokesperson for the Piker Defamation League blasted the results as slanderous, demanded an immediate re-count.

Slot machines are at the forefront. Roulette is also a very popular gambling activity among the students and card games are frequently played on school yards..

Banning these from children may not solve the problem as now almost any British kid has access to mobile technology with opportunities for mobile casino gambling abounding. As it seems, these are the parents responsible for watching their offspring.

At the same time, the British government can’t complain that offshore betting outfits take their kids’ money as these are the British firms that are among the leaders in online betting, especially as it relates to mobile sports betting activities. Moreover, partial responsibility lies on casinos to verify gamblers’ ages.

The gambling may be too readily available for children, however, the good news for Britain is that since it is legalized in the country, all kinds of thugs and hyenas don’t manage to control the gambling market as opposed to some other countries.

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