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Sports Betting Champ Scores Millions with Multiple Winning Bets

Feb 28, 2012

The latest on Barney Curley
Barney Curley

After long court battle, it is the sports betting champ who defeats an overzealous regulator to collect due winnings.

Famous punter, Barney Curley, some time ago pulled one of his major tricks. As casino gambling news report, the man placed a series of horse racing bets on several of horses, some of which he has trained personally, to win an estimated $6 million on English races.

Some of the bets were placed through his relatives’ online betting accounts that enable Mobile sports betting and Internet-based wagering. The unusual winnings affected the sports betting community profoundly and resulted in the Gibraltar Regulator action to order the sports betting outfit, through which the bets were placed, to withhold some of the won money.

As claimed, Mr. Curley and his relatives opened around 20 online sports betting accounts, with which, as the regulator claimed, irregular bets were placed. After the nasty court battle, however, the judge ordered the winnings to be paid out to the punters as nothing illegal has been proven. The judgment was against Gibraltar regulator, not the sportsbook involved since the betting outfit didn’t pay out under orders from authorities.

Mr. Curley has previously spent time in jail for alleged illegal betting. Nevertheless, the man is widely respected in the community for his charity work as well as analytical betting which takes the irrational emotions, a curse of many sports betting punters, from the calculations.

Many casino gamblers have studied Mr. Curley, just as investors study Warren Buffet, to apply his philosophy to blackjack strategy pursuits.

Surely, if Mr. Curley decided to play blackjack, he would likely make the Blackjack Hall of Fame for his unique abilities. Now, however, the man concentrates on helping Zambian children in educational efforts. As it looks, his winning bets pay for books in Africa.

This makes us wonder, do the kids learn how to play poker or blackjack? Or, maybe a little of baccarat?

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