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Online Slots Turn Many into Instant Millionaires

Mar 1, 2012

Jackpot win
Jackpot win

Online casinos with their progressive jackpots are a tempting proposition. But, do dreams really come true?

Yes, they do for some of those who play. Recently, a 23-year-old English barman spent as much money as it takes to buy a beer at a London pub, but it wasn’t for a draft. It was a wager he placed on an online slot play at William Hill Casino. British-based William Hill is a notable casino offering online and mobile casino gambling opportunities.

For many days, the barman couldn’t sleep as this particular Casino Strategy has paid off quite well. The winnings were massive: over 800,000 GBP ($1.3 million).

The casino gambling news has been told that, according to the winner, there were moments of terror. After spinning the machine, the gambler lost his wi-fi connection. Upon returning to casino’s site, he still could see the jackpot busted. The money was his.

Rupert Adams, William Hill spokesperson stated that: “this is the biggest William Hill online game win we’ve ever heard of…”

This, indeed, is a massive win. On the other side, some casinos have multi-million dollar progressive jackpots which haven’t been busted for a long time. Few dollars placed on a max spin can unlock the flood of real cash.

Very large casino winnings aren’t exclusively related to online slot machines or high stakes VIP baccarat. There are many poker and online blackjack tournament possibilities. These games, however, don’t rely on pure luck as card counting is possible at live online table card games. Here the dealer reshuffles the cards in front of the gambling audience.

This is in contrast to many online casino games where the deck of cards is reshuffled constantly to make a card counting system useless for master blackjack and poker players.

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