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Facebook Enters Online Blackjack Market

Mar 1, 2012

Blackjack on Facebook
Facebook blackjack

It has been rumored for a long time that Facebook is seeking to enter online casino market. So, now it happens.

The social media giant, with 800+ million users, is seeking new ways to ring in revenues prior to its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The worrisome news, learned by casino gambling news, is that users experience what is known as a ”Facebook fatigue,” meaning the members start spending less and less time on the site.

After all, how much can you watch some stupid videos posted by ”friends” you really don’t know, or read some daily garbage written about morning shower feelings of your unknown buddies? This is worrying the Facebook masters and, in never-ending quest for the Internet loot, the social media company is adding online blackjack gambling to its portfolio.

To start well, Facebook has teamed up with ComTrade to offer free blackjack games in order to quickly acquire players. Oliver Lynch, director at ComTrade stated, “Our Facebook Blackjack solution will be used by our clients as a key tool to drive player acquisition or retention.”

Later on, real money casino games are expected to arrive. Those online casinos that make it to Facebook will most likely pay a usual Facebook fee of 30%.

The idea is there and a potential to participate in a Black Jack Tournament with your friends is encouraging. Indeed, this worries many Internet casinos. After all, not every online gambling business will make it to the Facebook platform.

Then again, the ”Facebook fatigue” may kick in, with users looking to do anything but spend more time at the site. This leaves window of opportunity for alternative gambling solutions such as mobile blackjack or Android casinos.

As the Internet is in constant motion, so will be the online casino and sports betting industry. With new challenges, new opportunities arrive. Only those who can fix their weaknesses and take advantage of strengths will prosper.

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