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Benign Canadian Gambling Law Enforcement Attracts Offshore Casinos

Mar 8, 2012

Online gambling in Canada
Canadian gambling

Things are different in Canada. Unlike in America, gambling isn’t treated as a deadly sin.

In the United States, as casino gambling news report, running an offshore casino which accepts American gamblers is as sinful, at least in terms of prison sentence lengths, as a chainsaw massacre committed at a local supermarket.

Last year, the American law enforcement went maniacal when charges were presented to operators of multiple offshore poker sites such as Poker Stars and Absolute Poker. Very recently, the Canadian billionaire, Calvin Ayre, has been charged for operating an illegal Mobile sportsbooks and other gambling sites. In addition, charges of money laundering have been filed. Moreover, his website, bodog, has been seized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement- Homeland Security Operations.

Canadian gamblers have it easier

Canada, where only provincial governments can operate Internet gambling, isn’t cracking down on hundreds of offshore casinos which compete to attract Canadian players. According to some gambling law experts, the Canadian laws aren’t clear enough to determine if these offshore sites are breaking the law since the gambling activity is processed by offshore servers.

It is estimated that Canadians spend as much as $3-5 billion annually at these sites. On top of online slots, online blackjack tournament playing is quite popular.

At the same time, law enforcement officials aren’t seeking extraditions of offshore operators, although they may be arrested when stepping on Canadian soil. The police are also focusing on maintaining law and order rather than seeking search warrants to enter suspected gamblers’ homes and checking what they’ve done on their computers.

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