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Indian Police Busy Pursuing Massive Anti-Gambling Raids

Mar 9, 2012

Anti-gambling raids in India
Indian gambling

Police bosses in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu act on ceaseless wife complaints about their gambling husbands losing at all at illegal casinos.

The police chiefs have had it enough after groups of women, with crying toddlers and egg-throwing teenage daughters, nearly occupied multiple police stations in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.The complaint was, casino gambling news report, related to their husbands’ ceaseless gambling habits, which cost the families entire fortunes, cash and gold jewelry included.

The men, as the wives claimed, have lacked the basic understanding of smart strategies and failed to obey wife gambling-ban orders despite multiple pleads and threats.

The police investigators rightfully concluded that the gambling occurred at illegal casinos as…there are few other opportunities to gamble legally in the country. With order given from top law enforcement officials, the cops have been pursuing seek-and-destroy policy in relation to illegal gambling operators, many of which take place at recreation clubs.

In order to eradicate signs of underground gambling, and to see the stop of continuous protests occurring by the police stations, the chiefs also asked their subordinates to keep the gambling law breakers in custody for as long as legally possible.

As one police officer stated, ”We know many families which are affected by the gambling habit of men. A small jail term may act as a deterrent.”

Soon after the raids, letters of appreciation, not rocks and eggs, ended up on police desks. However, many local women complain that with the access to mobile casino gambling, their husbands still continue to bet. What is not clear is how the police will seek to bust offshore betting outfits and arrest mobile gamblers on the spot.

At this time the focus is on land-based establishments in Salem, Madurai, and Coimbatore. So, it seems, for now problem mobile gamblers will get a break from the police. But not from their wives, of course.

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