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Senior Citizens Gamble Through All the Way to Heaven

Mar 13, 2012

Gambling figures among seniors rising
Senior gambling

It is not surprising to see how much into gambling the senior citizens are. The elderly gamble as if there was no tomorrow which, in many cases, is true.

Millions of people participate in the Powerball Lottery run in the United States as well as in similar lotteries around the Europe and the world.

As reported by the casino gambling news, a recent Powerball winner comes from Newport, Rhode Island, and is over eighty years old. The lady scored big with $336 million win. Prayers had to help as after buying the winning ticket, she kept it in a bible under her pillow.

It is not usual to see elderly ladies go to a church and after a mass visit a local casino for some Blackjack cards entertainment. Yet, not all senior citizens see gambling as fun. Rather, they see it as a chance to supplement their income and buy a Ferrari for obnoxious grandsons who otherwise have no chance of getting a girlfriend and thus producing an offspring to prolong the family genes.

The senior citizens are avid players as many casinos can testify. Some of the more technologically advanced grannies and grandpas seek to play mobile bingo with their recently acquired smartphones.

Yes, these are not only the young playing online games such Android slots with their mobile devices. Some grannies have been taught well how to operate a mobile phone by their grandchildren.

While the ladies tend to focus on online slots and bingo, the elderly gentlemen have reignited their passions for sports with Mobile sports betting applications.

This is not all. Many senior citizens do better than fifty years younger gambling counterparts as decades of gambling experience can be utilized offline and online.

Casinos beware. Card counting system octogenarians are out there and you will not get a good PR score if your security guards tackle and physically remove an elderly card-cheating grandmother.

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