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Paddy Power Wins Huge Gamble with Mobile Sport Betting in UK

Mar 18, 2012

UK loves to gamble on mobile sports bets
Pocket Paddy

Paddy Power wins huge as profits from the UK mobile sports book backed by approving British punters give bookmaker a leading edge.

Well known British bookmakers with brands that are household names, regarded by enthusiasts as practically national institutions, have provided UK punters with top of the line betting options for as long as anyone can remember. And UK bookies aren’t the only ones who’ve been blossoming in the lucrative sports betting industry.

Profits at Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker, jumped by a healthy 16% while combined online and mobile sports gambling at Paddy Power caused a tidy 26% jump in revenue. Out of 120 million Euros in total profit, two-thirds came from online sports betting; a trend forecast by senior analysts at Gaming Zion.

In recent years, UK bookmakers have taken advantage of cyberspace and in addition to traditional betting on sports games began to offer competitive online odds and mobile sports betting for all major world and some local events. The huge selection of betting options, as well as boutique in-game wagers has provided savvy enthusiasts with a vast opportunity to utilize complex betting strategies as well as employ various hedges.

Paddy Power is doing quite well in Britain with a 30% market share in the mobile sports books segment of the ever expanding mobile sports betting industry. Analysts believe the jump in profits correlates with a beautifully executed marketing strategy which hit just about every demographic while connecting with the UK punters.

Paddy in a Pocket

The campaign promoted over 30 key betting options in close to three dozen sport categories as well as opportunities to be on outcomes of global political races and the direction of the financial markets. For example, punters put their stakes on whether the FTSE Index will rise or fall, or place bets on the outcomes of US presidential election primary results.

Paddy Power runs on an intuitive state-of-the-art mobile betting platform and has received high marks from both whales and pikers of the world of mobile sports betting, especially for innovative features such as their live mobile betting. Despite Paddy Power’s victories in cyberspace, the company is continuing its expansion strategy – opening brick-and-mortar betting outlets in 41 locations throughout the United Kingdom in 2011.

Paddy Power currently has close to 170 betting shops in UK with no signs of slowing down and has set its eyes on conquests in the regulated Italian sports betting market. By this year’s European Football Championships, Paddy Power expects two of its sports betting outlets to be charming Italian sports fans. All in all it was an amazing year for Paddy Power, and if you haven’t seen for yourself what it means to have a paddy in your pocket, and then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

Take a tour of the UK mobile sportsbook at Paddy Power and experience the fun and excitement of global sports gaming wherever and whenever you want.

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