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10-year Prison Sentence for Gambling in the United States

Mar 21, 2012

Gambling cop jailed
Gambling cop

Often illegal gambling in partnership with a rogue cop will get you into prison while the officer walks free.

Wagering on the outcome of games through mobile sports betting, or any remote connection, seems innocent enough. But not in the Land of the Free. One Oklahoma police officer’s love of sports and the modern technology made the man place sports betting wagers via his computer and this has ended in sorrow.

In order to avoid being sent to prison, which is never good for a cop, Roland B. plead guilty to a felony count, which included the use of computer to bet on sports, and broke Oklahoma’s state anti-gambling act. As casino gambling news report, the punter received a five-year probation while being forced to resign his law enforcement job.

At 45 years of age, the man has few things to pursue except winning at blackjack or horse racing at a legal casino or the track. And this is what the anti-online gambling establishments want people to do. Spend more money at their outlets in fear of betting online.

The other man involved in the trial plead guilty to 21 criminal counts and received a 10-year prison sentence. It is amazing us how come you can bet on sports at a race track but doing the same online will land you in prison for a long time to come.

The answer is clear: the established gambling oligopolies in the United States- whether we’re speaking of mafia-like Vegas casinos, shady horse racing tracks, or pipe-smoking Native Americans – are lobbying hard against legalization of online gambling as it will ruin their businesses if more competitive offers in the online blackjack or other forms of gambling come.

These outfits, while living off gambling, only rub their hands when seeing bettors sent to prison since this is scaring the population in the Land of the Free from any forms of online betting. Even with the legalization of Internet and mobile casinos, many confusing laws may make gamblers avoid the online world of games.

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