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Lucky Punter Bags Two Progressive Jackpots At Bet365 Casino

Mar 23, 2012

Lucky player collects 2 progressives in a row
2 jackpots

Bet365 Casino Pays Two Progressive Jackpots to the Same Player

A lucky punter known only as ‘Joe’ can consider himself the king of the slot machines this week after picking up not one, but two progressive jackpots from online gambling giant Bet365 Casino.

Bet365 Casino, famed for it’s international prowess as one of the biggest online sportsbooks in the world also offers slots, online blackjack and casino games which feature progressive jackpots. So it should come as no surprise then both of Joe’s big wins have nothing to do with betting on sports.

Scooping up $87,722 on the Diamond Valley Slot the delighted Joe decided to keep on spinning with his new found wealth, when a short time later on Magic Slots, a different slot on the Bet365 Casino site, he was dished out a larger progressive jackpot to the sum of $100,373, casino gambling news reports.

Bet365 Casino has a history and track record for paying out large progressive jackpots on its online gambling games, though nothing of this magnitude has happening recently and the chances of one person winning such huge progressive in succession are minimal indeed. Bet365 Casino though, could well be in for a sudden influx of gamblers now seeking their own luck at the slot games, desperate to follow in the footsteps of king Joe.

Bet365 Casino is famed across the world for its great odds on sporting fixtures and has a stunning array of promotions on offer for new gamers seeking the thrill of the internet’s top gambling site, like it’s casino online bonus program or it’s monthly deposit matches which are often unrivaled anywhere on the net.

With Blackjack cards, poker, sports betting, casino games, slots, online roulette and live dealer games Bet365 Casino is rapidly becoming a firm favorite with gamblers across the world, and Joe’s subsequent victories are certainly not going to do any damage to this trend, as both the online casino gains free publicity from the huge win, and Joe goes home with nearly two hundred thousands dollars in his bank, a very happy man.

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