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Busted Online Casino Jackpots No Reason To Despair

Apr 1, 2012

Microgaming jackpot winner

Online slots with progressive jackpots are meant to be busted and that’s what happens.

Microgaming is one of the biggest gaming software providers to online casinos. It offers a truly impressive range of games, going into hundreds. Its online slots are popular and available for playing at multiple sites, and many of these belong to a connected network of progressive jackpots. This results in online casinos (just as with their land-based counterparts) sharing the risk and attracting players with higher sums. The more is played without a major win, the bigger the pot.

This not only applies to games involving a spin but also to the other ones such as online blackjack or poker. In a recent event, a poker network run by Microgaming generated some substantial jackpot win when one player from Denmark won 220,000 euros ($290,000).

Before that happened, this gambler lost a bet with Four Aces to someone with a Straight Flush. Seems like a really bad luck. However, the brave Scandinavian continued to play and finally reached the big win. As the winner claimed, one of the first things he’ll do will be visiting Las Vegas.

Many gamblers get discouraged from a game when a progressive jackpot is broken. No longer huge sums are waiting to be won. However, these games still offer generous winning opportunities. As research at casino gambling news shows, many quality online casinos offer multiple games, each with its own individual jackpot.

Take, for example, Bet365 Casino. It runs on its own proprietary software and offers multiple progressive jackpots, some with substantial amounts accumulated. When one gets busted, others are still there, continuing to offer the players many opportunities. In addition, this particular gambling outfit offers sports, political, and financial betting to its members- all on one platform.

As it looks, a visit to Las Vegas isn’t necessary to win big. Even mobile casinos, which are easily accessible via even modest smartphones, give many interesting ways to bet and win. Quality online casinos offer mobile betting to its Internet-based account holders, and some of the betting types, such sports betting, come with in-play betting while game takes place. Las Vegas can’t beat that.

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