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Denmark Poker Player Sweeps a Major Tournament Cash

Apr 3, 2012

Danish poker pro sweeps another victory
EPT Victory

Jannick Wrang, a Danish player, has won another poker tournament.

It is his third consecutive European Poker Tour win. The contest featured 570 entrants. On the fourth day in the tournament, Wrang faced some intimidating poker stars at the table. These included Olivier Busquet, Balazs Botond, Fabrice Soulier, Joen De Visscher, Stefano Puccilli, and Robin Ylitalo.

Wrang won 640,000 euros ($830,000) after a 13-hour battle. His final opponent, Busquet, as casino gambling news report, grabbed $430,000 euros ($560,000) for a second place.

Jannick Wrang is well-known for his online poker victories, showing that real poker skills and a smart casino strategy can make a man rich, whether online or at land-based casinos.

In fact, poker is a very popular online game and comes with many options to play such Android casino poker for those seeking to pursue the game on the go.

Online poker tournaments aren’t the only places where the gamblers can join to compete. Black Jack Tournaments are widely available as are the bingo or online slots competitions.

In order to cater to more and more sophisticated needs of clientele, the online casinos constantly seek to expand their offering with new game versions, live online dealings, competitions, bonuses, and many other propositions. On the other hand, the land-based counterparts seek to attract gamblers with posh resort style casinos.

To grab the market share, other sites typically not associated with gambling, such as Facebook, seek to enter the market but with a different angle, which relies more on social gambling. How this plays out isn’t clear yet, since no one knows how much the players are willing to gamble with their friends or expose their gambling habits to the public.

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