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Deranged Mexican Gambler Seeks Ransom Money

Apr 3, 2012

Gambling ransom
Gambling ransom

One Mexican accountants’s love of blackjack gambling and fraud may end up costing him up to 10 years in prison.

Marlon S., 28, a quiet accountant working for a Mexican geological research company, was known to friends as a shy introvert who enjoyed traveling and stamp collecting.

Few of his friends and colleagues realized that their shy acquaintance was known in casinos throughout South America as ‘Loco Blackjack’ – the deranged alcoholic high roller with an appetite for blackjack gambling and expensive prostitutes

A sick lifestyle such as the one left by Marlon/Loco-Blackjack could not have remained hidden for long on an accountant’s salary. The gig was up on a recent snugness trip to Buenos Aires when Loco Blackjack decided to test a new blackjack strategy he invented – a complex blend of card counting and shuffle tracking which requires photographic memory to even attempt. The one flaw in his plan was that Marlon the Loco Blackjack Beast of Mexico did not have photographic memory.

Perhaps he was not that loco after all, and as a prudent accountant, the Mexican blackjack beast didn’t want to risk what remained of his own money, which he mostly spend on frequent gambling trips, smoking space base, and whoring. In a quest to raise gambling cash, the Mexican blackjack guru decided to stage his own kidnapping, and ask his employer for ransom, a common ploy in Mexican culture.

However, in the more law abiding Argentina, a kidnapping of a foreigner mobilized the country’s police forces, which unlike their counterparts in Mexico are almost fanatical in their dedication to police work.

The note sent to his company indicated that their loyal employee’s life is at risk after being kidnapped. Meanwhile, the other thing which raised investigators’ suspicions, as casino gambling news established, was the relatively low ransom demand of $15,000.

Upon further investigation, the police found out from the hotel staff that the men took a taxi with two prostitutes to one of the local casinos. Upon reviewing the video footage at the casino, it was revealed that the alleged kidnapping victim has been playing table card games with full force and excitement.

Now, charged with extortion, and fired, the man may face up to 10 years in prison. The judges, unfortunately, didn’t take seriously the accountant’s claim that it was a joke.

While it’s not possible to do online whoring, online blackjack can be easily pursued.

If the man played online or even, to cover the footprints, gambled at one of the mobile casinos with unregistered SIM card, he may have gotten away.

Who would think accountants do such things… Yet, the repeating events keep on indicating that the most innocent-looking professionals are often the ones who dig first in the company’s coffers. So do some charity men and wicked priests.

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