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Winning at Blackjack is More Than Card Counting

Apr 18, 2012

Blackjack expert
Blackjack expert

Many blackjack players after some practice walk into a casino hoping to win big.

One story, which casino gambling news brings, involves one blackjack player.

When visiting a casino, the fellow sat at a table only to hear the tourists say how much fun they’re having playing losing black jack strategies with a dealer who just dealt himself 5 straight blackjacks!

Apparently, the elderly ladies where so much into pumped up Hulk Hogan-looking dealer that they were willing to give up all the cash they got.

Interesting. Given the probabilities, a person is more likely to be struck by a lightning twice than getting 5 straight blackjacks in a row. Or, winning Mega Millions Lottery becomes a high probability bet in comparison to that. Was the game rigged? Any under the table blackjack tricks?

Being an experienced player, the man walked out, leaving the helpless sheep alone with the wolf. Upon visiting the next blackjack table, the blackjack signals sent by the dealer were quite encouraging. A newbie to the business, the dealer lady dealt the cards with great hesitation, making it easy to count them.

After skinning the dealer, and willing to play more, the gambler noticed a disruptive pit manager pacing around the table. That’s a clear signal to go. What a casino!

Those seeking to avoid dealer’s charm, or angry casino personnel, have many other options to play such as online blackjack. Moreover, with live versions of the game, there will be no hostile steroid-pumped dealers, security guards, and pit managers to intimidate the players, given the safety of a remote connection.

The same applies to poker since, as blackjack, it is a game of skill for those who learn.

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