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Major Poker Tournament Win in the United Kingdom

Apr 19, 2012

Poker veteran wins UK and Ireland trophy
Poker winner

A major Poker Stars UK and Ireland Poker Tournament which took place in Nottingham, England has seen over 1,600 players compete for a prize pool of over 1.1 million GBP ($1.7 million).

While not as big as some of the poker or blackjack tournaments which take place in Las Vegas, the sum won was, nevertheless, quite attractive.

The competition has resulted in a 60-year-old player winning the main prize of 200,000 GBP (over $300,000), with the second place raking in a nice 125,000 GBP (nearly $200,000). Other top players also were able to share in the pool. The final between the two has taken more than six hours. Some long time, during which both needed to perform card counting system tricks.

Given the attractiveness of the scheme where the winnings go to more than just the winner (unlike in many Las Vegas tourneys), the Internet sites have begun offering poker and online blackjack tournaments with multiple prize pools as well. As a result, other good players, not only the champs, get to win.

Those players who don’t feel they’re ready for the tournament can pursue some small stakes bets or play some free online blackjack before facing a card game shark looking to eat them alive in front of the audience.

The online casino world has many options for the players to enter tournaments for different stakes. Thus, online competitions are growing quickly as gaming companies come up with new ways to attract the players from land-based casinos. This certainly makes Las Vegas casino managers worried, while Indian chiefs cry as the revenues at their reservations are threatened by this evil device called the Internet.

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