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High Roller Gambling in Vladivostok?

May 25, 2012

A new gambling mecca?
Vladivostok gambling?

Big casino business may soon come to Vladivostok.

After banning most casinos in Russia, the authorities set up several gambling zones in remote areas of the country where gambling is allowed. Unfortunately, as Russian gambling news report, these sites do not prosper too well.

Now, there is a new proposal to build a casino center in a remote area of the Russian Federation, Vladivostok. And, this isn’t such a crazy idea since the city is located near Seoul and Beijing. Indeed, it may offer some hard competition to Singapore and Macau. After all, these are places which profit handsomely from gambling, especially such games as high roller baccarat, poker, and blackjack bets. In addition, many rich Chinese travel vast distances to remote Macau.

For those gamblers located near the Chinese capital, and in the north east of this huge country, Vladivostok is only a two-three hour plane flight away. Moreover, South Koreans are also restricted from gambling in their own country and may seek to visit Vladivostok. Some experts estimate that the zone is capable of generating as much as $7 billion annually.

The proposal seeks to create a 6 sq km zone and will include hotels and a yacht club on top of casinos. Other entertainment will surely take off once the plan goes under way. Perhaps, soon we will see some top card counters come to play in Vladivostok. Given that there are many Russian billionaires, some may be tempted to invest there. After all, buying football teams isn’t the best business investment.

This casino complex may be a good bet, especially if it can take billions in revenues from the Asian gamblers. Macau’s dominance isn’t guaranteed. There is even an agreement between Russia and China where groups of Chinese visitors (between 5 and 100) can enter the country without a visa and stay for up to two weeks. That makes it a perfect gambling trip.

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