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Singaporean Mobile Gamers Receive the HTC One S With Beats Solo

Jun 23, 2012

Beats Solo for HTC One S
HTC One S with Beats

HTC One S Deluxe Edition is sold in Singapore and comes with a high-end Beats Solo headset on top of great specs.

Ever since HTC stopped supplying Beats headsets with their smartphones, real money mobile casino gambling has gotten a little boring. However, some countries receive special treatment and HTC phones are bundled with high-end headsets there.

Eager mobile casino games enthusiasts have already spotted such packages in Taiwan: HTC One X was coupled with Beats Solo headset. Another example is Iceland: HTC One X bundled with iBeats.

But M1 carrier in Singapore decided to treat Android casino gamblers and packed the Beats Solo with HTC One S. The provider sells the package for $330 with a 2-year deal or for $750 without a contract. The headset on its own costs around $180, that’s why receiving it in a bundle like that is a pretty good deal.

M1 seems to be the only carrier in the country offering such a bundle and, with some rare exceptions, other markets don’t have something similar neither.

We here at sincerely hope that HTC reconsiders its strategy or more carriers around the world would start packing these great headsets with the Taiwanese smartphones. Such bundles are not only a great way to attract more customers, but they also do deliver much better sound effects.

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