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Las Vegas Strip Going For Interactive Gambling

Jun 24, 2012

Interactive Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Soon visitors at Las Vegas casino resorts will be able to try interactive games before playing for real.

As online gambling news report, the Las Vegas strip is going for interactive gaming at its land-based casino resorts to revitalize the business. In the recent past, the traditional casino industry became increasingly worried about the threats coming from the Internet-based gambling.

The online card games, which include baccarat, blackjack, poker, and craps, have been attracting gamblers from all over the world. Since gambling doesn’t grow fast enough to make up for the revenues lost, the land-based casinos started to lose business or, at best, they’re business isn’t growing as quickly.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City have seen either declining or flat revenues. The hope is there for those doing business in Asia-Pacific, the only issue there is that online gambling is blocked by censorship so gamblers need to bypass it via proxy servers. For example, millions of Chinese use Facebook and its social gaming platforms despite the fact that the site is blocked.

Now, Las Vegas marketing gurus came up with the idea of offering interactive games to visitors at their casino-resorts. The logic behind it is to introduce various games such as bingo for potential gamblers to try before playing for real money at a casino.

The move is also intended to recruit players online and entice them to visit traditional casino resorts. The casinos indeed are looking to promote their brands on Facebook. Moreover, some casinos are expanding into online gaming and seek new business there. Perhaps, land-based loyalty points can be combined with online casino bonuses to provide new incentives such as free hotel nights at a casino resort.

The idea is being expanded further into other games including online slots. Some even consider utilizing the types of social games provided via Facebook such as Farmville. The casino industry is surely changing in profound ways.

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