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Online Gambling in Asia-Pacific to Double by 2015

Jul 2, 2012

Online Gambling is Far East grows rapidly
Set to grow

The Asian Pacific region continues to experience strong economic growth. The online gambling industry profits as well.

A South Korean gambler experiences issues when to comes to pursuing such a pastime as playing blackjack online or entering a poker tournament. After all, gambling is strictly controlled and most land-based casinos in the country are just open to foreigners, while online gambling there is simply not licensed and not offered from within the country’s borders..

Same with Chinese gamblers. Those who can afford, go to Macau, or elsewhere. Those who can’t do it, gamble at illegal dens where the rules are that there are no rules. However, the modern technology brings a solution.

And the solution is in the form of online casinos. These are based in other jurisdictions, yet the players in Asia find ways to access these. As the Gambling in Asia report shows, the online gambling revenues in the region are expected to double within the next three years. All of this despite tight controls the Asian governments impose on betting.

Land-cased casinos prosper as well and the online and mobile gambling platforms don’t seem to eat into the business of the traditional houses. The gambling appetite is simply too strong to slow down the business.

There are, indeed, many new casino-resort developments taking off in Asia. After Cambodia created a gambling strip near the Vietnamese border, the Philippines are coming up with their own versions of little Macaus. Even Russians are considering building a gambling mecca in Vladivostok, which is near Beijing and Seoul.

Now, as the latest news arrive, MGM Resorts is teaming up with Asian Coast Development to open up a casino-resort in Vietnam.

At present time, the casino industry is looking for ways to battle economic slowdown in the West, especially Europe. The continent is the place where the gambling laws are liberal. Thus, a strong casino industry was created there, especially when it comes to Internet wagering.

One of the ways to battle the slowdown is to head for Asia. The other is to get ready to conquer America once the States liberalize online gambling. Delaware just did it and other states are close to it. Soon, the American blackjack player will wager online without the fear of breaking the law.

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