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Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Coming to European Mobile Casinos

Aug 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III LTE comes to Europe

Germany will be the first market where fans of mobile casinos can lay their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE connectivity.

Following the Korean and US debut of the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE, the device is said to be heading for Europe, making its first stop in Germany. 4G network loving fans of mobile casino games couldn’t be happier with the rumored October release date.

The European version of the LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy S III will be similar to the Korean one offering mobile casino enthusiasts the Exynos 4 chipset unlike the Snapdragon S4 found in the American model. All other features of the mighty smartphone will also remain in place much to the delight of technophiles and gamers.

Sources close to the manufacturer suggest that the expected pricing policy for the Galaxy S III LTE will be around EUR 750, which is quite a lot, considering the normal version selling for around EUR 500 in Europe.

Despite its premium price the LTE enabled Android casino monster is bound to do well on the old continent, where 4G networks are still a novelty and rapidly growing in popularity.

We’ll continue to monitor the developments in order to confirm the rumors and update you on the fate of the Galaxy S III LTE in Europe.

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