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One Billion People and You May Gamble Online

Oct 4, 2012

Gambling on Facebook
Facebook gambling

One billion Facebook users may use gambling applications if the legislations approve worldwide.

Facebook’s main man, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his profile that his social network passed one billion users. That means about every 7th person on this planet has a Facebook account.

Industry experts were quick to add that out of this one billion profiles a considerable amount is either fake or inactive. No-one can exactly tell what percentage of these profiles is useless, and of course Facebook would be stupid to admit big numbers. But still, a billion is a billion.

Mark Zuckerberg was very proud and praised his and his company’s role in bringing together the upper seventh part of the planet. Gambling industry is keen to know how social networks could be used for gaming.

There are numerous black jack applications on Facebook, some of them boasting as many as 60 thousand users per month. But all of these applications either use Facebook credits, or their own virtual currencies, such as Gold or simply Cash.

Although there are some exchange sites on the internet, where virtual money can be traded for cash, there is little connection yet between deposits in the real and the virtual world.

No matter how good your card game strategy is, what you’ll end up with is maybe a bit of fancy graphics and add-ons to your virtual game, and some envy from your Facebook friends.

In the last weeks, Facebook tried to cheer up the stock market and raise its abysmal share price by saying it is considering the introduction of real-money wagering. If the US and local legislations also allow the transformation, Facebook has a chance to become the world’s biggest online casino.

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