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Mobile Blackjack is Popular at Oktoberfest

Oct 5, 2012

Mobile blackjack at Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest blackjack

Spaniards enough money gambling only while waiting for a place in a beer tent at the Oktoberfest.

What can be better than enjoying one of the world’s best beers and have a round of blackjack?

It seems like many visitors of Munchen Oktoberfest just do that. German news sources report that an astonishing amount of guests have a go at gambling applications such as mobile blackjack while they are waiting to get into a beer tent.

Carlos S. from Spain had to wait in front of a beer tent. „The crowd was very big, even to us Spaniards. We are used to grande fiestas, but this was something unique”, Carlos remembered. While waiting, he and his pal Ramon L. used the free wi-fi provided by the organizers.

„We surfed, check our mail and social network. Then Ramon said let’s try a bit of gamble to kill time”, Carlos continues. Carlos started his favorite blackjack app. „We were lucky. In twenty minutes we won about a hundred euros. That night we drank for free”, told Carlos happily.

There are 14 beertents in downtown Munich (or Mingga, as the locals prefer to call the German city) serving beer especially brewed for the festival. The smallest one, the Bratwursthuettn, only hosts 90 people. The biggest tent is the world famous Hofbrau Festhalle featuring many American tourists, but also entertaining a strong local clientèle.

The most important Bavarian word for you to know is Mass, which is one liter beer. Traditionally, beer is served in one-liter-mugs, called Masskrug or Masskruag in local dialect. Masskruagstemma is a competition where you have to hold your Masskruag straight with one arm. Whoever holds longest wins.

If you hurry, you’ll be just in time before Oktoberfest closes on the 7th Oktober. Or October, that is.

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