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iPhone 5 Good for iOS Mobile Gambling in USA and UK

Nov 6, 2012

Market shares for Android and iOS
iOS vs Android

iOS share grows in USA and UK, while Android slows down, following the release of the Apple iPhone 5.

It comes as no surprise that the iOS is back on the rise in the USA and the UK after the launch of the iPhone 5. Mobile casino games played on iPhones have contributed to the growth somewhat. Faster loading times and better display surely help gamers enjoy casinos on a different level.

Naturally, the Android growth slowed down in those countries, but not in the rest of big EU five – Germany, France, Italy and Spain, where Android is still in the rise, while iOS declines. Europeans still prefer Android casino games to iOS, probably mainly because of cheaper smartphones.

The American market share for the iOS went up to 35.7 percent in the Q3, a pretty huge increase compared to the 21.5 percent for the same period last year. Android’s share is down to 57.5% from 66.4%. BlackBerry gambling continued its decline and now has dropped even below Windows Phone, which is at around 2.9% of the market share.

Coming back the British Isles, the iOS share grew 9.9% to hit the 18.1% mark. Android here also increased a bit: 58.2% from 53.4%. BlackBerry in UK is popular and holds a good 8.8% of the market share, while the Windows Phone OS continues to grow and has more than doubled its presence.

If we look at France, Germany, Spain, Italy and even Australia, iOS is slowing down its market penetration, while Android is growing. Spain has a whopping 82.7% percent market dominance for Android, Germany also huge – 77.8%.

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