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Mobile Gamblers Use Smartphones for Sports Betting

Nov 5, 2012

76% Mobile Bets are in Sportsbooks
Smartphone devices

76 percent of mobile wagers are used for sports betting. 44 percent of EU citizens own smart devices.

The Ofcom Communications Market Report claims that 40 percent of UK adults are proud owners of a smartphone, up 13 percent from 27 percent last year.

The rising smartphone penetration is especially important for the mobile gambling sector. The segment has been reporting outstanding revenues and is hoping to continue the positive trend.

Mobile sports wagers make the most money

Mobile sports betting accounts now for over 76 percent of all mobile wagering worldwide.

The total mobile gambling market reached the EUR 2.2 billion in 2011, and estimates to reach EUR 5.4 billion in three years, corresponding to an annual growth rate around 19.3 percent.

Mobile casino gambling is slowly gaining strength in revenues, too. Researches show that during the fourth quarter in 2010 mobile casinos represented 9.8 percent of the total interactive (online included) casino market, and 0.6 percent of the total (land based included) casino market in the world.

Experts that the share of mobile casinos will reach at least 3 percent of the interactive casino market next year. The most optimistic predictions even mention 12.9 percent. Mobile casinos will account for 0.9 percent in the total global casino market in the same period.

In the United States, 45 percent of the adult population owns a smartphone. In Spain, Germany, France and Italy the number of adults owning a smartphone increased by 8 percent. In the European Union, 44 percent of adults resident own smartphones.

Mobile sports betting will likely be dominating the market in the near future, with mobile casino coming up. According to researches, sportsbooks will still be responsible for half of the mobile wagers, with mobile casinos having a chance to increase their share to up to 40 percent.

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