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Colorado and Washington State legalizes Marijuana

Nov 9, 2012

Colorado and Washington States legalize Marijuanalegal in Washington

US States Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana after citizens vote yes for pro-cannabis laws.

Everybody is talking about the US elections. Maybe a few also noticed that at the election day two US states, Colorado and Washington, have also legalized marijuana. We wonder what comes next, the legalization of online casino gambling?

The majority reporting of voters in Colorado voted with yes to Amendment 64. The amendment will allow adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce (about 28 grams) of marijuana. It also creates a state-regulated system for the production and sale in Colorado. Cannabis consumption will be taxed and the some of the incoming revenue will be used for education.

You can smoke pot in Washington State

The citizens of Washington State have also voted in favor of legal marijuana. The Evergreen State (no kidding, that’s its ‘official’ nickname) approved Initiative 502, allowing adults of age 21 and over to have up to an ounce of cannabis in their possession.

Initiative 502also introduces state system to tax and regulate the commercial sale of marijuana. According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, the new excise tax on marijuana is expected to generate half a billion dollars of new revenue per year for the Northwestern state.

Having two US states legalize marijuana will possibly start a nation-wide debate on current US drug laws. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans support legal pot smoking, as well online and mobile gambling.

However, marijuana is illegal under federal law, so the federal government approval is questionable to the new state legislation in Colorado and Washington. It is unlikely that the federal authorities will have enough manpower to handle the issue.

We think that smoking marijuana and gambling at the same time is not a smart strategy, unless you want to have a conversation with the figure cards.

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