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Mobile Gambling and Other Factors Push Nokia Lumia 920 Sales

Nov 27, 2012

2.5 million Nokia Lumia 920s ordered
Lumia 920 sales

2.5 million orders for the Nokia Lumia 920 have already been placed worldwide according to some news sources.

Windows mobile gambling is moving up in numbers with Nokia Lumia 920 running on the latest Windows Phone 8 OS receiving 2.5 million orders worldwide. This figure is especially notable, taking into consideration that the entire Lumia collection has sold less units in Q3 2012.

Other news sources say that the first batch of both Lumia 920 and 820 have already been sold out in Germany, United States, Australia and elsewhere confirming great demand for the latest Windows casino tools.

Naturally, Nokia’s stock is on the rise following great sales news. The price of the Finnish manufacturer’s shares went up a whopping 25 percent. Market analysts predict that the stock could continue rising provided the sales of the latest Lumia smartphones will continue to grow strong.

The latest Windows Phone 8 OS has augmented the way mobile casino games are run on the devices, delivering better graphics, amazing sound effects and faster gameplay. On top of the great mobile casino gambling properties, Windows Phone 8 has introduced a great number of features alongside improving the old ones.

Despite the considerable innovation, Windows Phone OS is still trailing the monsters iOS and Android, capturing only a fraction of the global smartphone market.

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