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UK Gambler Wins over $160,000 Playing Four Online Slots

Dec 1, 2012

Red Flush Mobile Casino winners
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UK online slot player wins over $160,000 playing different casino slot games.

Here at BlackjackChamp we are always happy to report about casino winnings over $100,000!

When the winning gamblers are asked, they usually reveal two things. One is that they don’t have a trick or a secret technique. Instead, they keep they eyes open for the latest and biggest online casino bonuses. Also, they have some favorite online or mobile slots which they prefer to play on. That’s it.

Last week was a lucky one for many Red Flush Casino players. However, a gambler identified as “DF” from England was the champion of online slots. The UK punter scored several consecutive wins, including a majestic GBP 38,250 (or about $61,200) payout on the bonus playing the online slot StarScape to start with.

That is a nice sum, but “DF” did not stop there. He tried out the recently introduced Avalon online slot, gaining GBP 27,025 ($43,240) payout.

“DF” must know something about lucky series. He played on, trying his luck on different online slots. Eventually, the lucky punter got paid GBP 19,505 ($31,850) on the Big Break online slot playing with a 50 penny wager.

That still wasn’t enough for “DF”. The Bars & Stripes bonus slot saw him receiving a payout of GBP 13,250 ($21,200).

In total, DF’s winnings amounted to more than GBP 100,000, or $160,000!

The online slot master of Australia last week was “ST, with one successful free spin series resulting in a $24,485 win on the bonus slot Alaskan Fishing. Another player named “BJ” scored a $16,605 payout on Immortal Romance.

The best player from Canada was “RG” who scored $17,557 on the Silver Fang online woods.

Red Flush Casino told us they were very happy for the winners and and hope to see more people winning at their online and mobile casino games.

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