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Apple is Joined by Nokia in the Fight Against Samsung

Mar 10, 2013

Nokia Joins Apple against Samsung
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In a move that surprised experts, Apple is now joined by rival Nokia supporting the Cupertino boys in their battle against Samsung.

It’s hard to tell the reasons behind it, but Nokia will be joining Apple in their efforts in the infamous patent wars against Samsung. The industry, making mobile casino gambling tools, seems to have gone crazy.

Nokia has already filed arguments to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington. The Finnish manufacturer of mobile casino games devices claimed that the court made a mistake denying their “friends” from Cupertino a plea for injunction against Samsung products.

In case some of you forgot, Nokia itself has already had legal proceedings against Apple three years ago, but no hard feelings now, it seems, as the two giants join forces to tackle the current market leader.

Apple’s plea before the Federal Circuit of speeding up the appeal and scheduling a hearing ASAP has been rejected, and the case has been referred to a three-member judge panel.

We’ll definitely cover this unexpected turn of events in the patent wars and report back to our faithful readers. If only manufacturers could lay down their arms, and instead focus on making better and cheaper products for us…

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