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T-Mobile USA Offers iPhone 5

Mar 27, 2013

T-Mobile USA to sell iPhone 5
T-Mobile iPhone 5

Mobile casino players have additional means to play following the addition of iPhone 5 by T-Mobile USA.

It looks like customers of T-Mobile USA will no longer have to do without iPhone mobile gambling after April 12, when the 4th largest American mobile operator will start selling the iPhone 5.

Considering that all of the other big players have been offering the highly popular iPhones to their customers, this shortcoming on the part of T-Mobile has contributed significantly to it losing some of its market share.

In a bold move, however, the company has decided to introduce not just Apple’s latest product among its offerings, but also to adopt conditions that set it apart radically from the competition.

While other operators usually require subscribers to sell their souls to the company (or at least to sign two year contracts), T-Mobile will table a much cheaper and simpler offer instead.

According to CEO John Legere, “if you come to T-Mobile you have signed your last contract. They are dead. Gone. No more.” This also means that the company is the first US mobile operator to offer its subscribers the iPhone 5 without a contract.

The no-contract approach will be combined with a data plan at costs that beat the competition hands down: even the most expensive option will cost only $70 a month for unlimited data usage. This reduced price tag on unlimited use is expected to boost the number of T-Mobile customers who will use their smartphones for recreational purposes, including the playing of mobile casino games.

The competition will likely be quick to point to T-Mobile’s more limited network coverage, but the company aimed to preempt criticism by announcing a huge network modernization project.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry and Android casino players needn’t despair either, as the new BlackBerry Z10 is hitting the stores today for $99, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming for the same price at the beginning of May.

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