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Samsung Plans to Sell Half a Billion Phones

Apr 4, 2013

Samsung sales
Samsung sales

Samsung eyes 20% phone sales growth in 2013.

Although the worldwide market share of Android devices among smartphones is around 70% as opposed to the 21% held by iOS, research suggests that when it comes to iOS versus Android mobile gambling the ratio is almost the opposite.

This is not overly surprising if we consider the fact that tablets are a favorite device for players on the go, and iPads do dominate that particular market, resulting in the higher figures in iPad Gambling statistics.

Furthermore, the price range of Apple’s products means that the average iPhone owner is more likely than the average Galaxy user to come from demographics that can afford to wager more at online casinos.

Nevertheless, demand for both Android and iOS smartphones is strong, causing leading Korean manufacturer Samsung to announce some ambitious plans for 2013.

Having sold approximately 400 million units (including “dumbphones”) in 2012, the company has set its sights on the 500 million mark for this year, most of it smartphones from its Galaxy range. This would require around 20% sales growth, which is challenging, but definitely not impossible: Samsung demonstrated that ability both in 2011 (21%) and in 2012 (23%).

There are several large and strong markets in Asia (e.g. India and Indonesia), which are still far from being saturated, offering very good growth prospects for the less expensive Android smartphones. Samsung is well positioned to grab the largest slice of that market, as it has done in the past.

Though the gap between iOS and Android internet use is too great to be closed anytime soon, it is certain that millions of those new Samsung owners will explore mobile casino gambling when they get their hands on their new smartphones this year.

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