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HTC One Has Reached the American Market

Apr 11, 2013

HTC One available in the USA through Amazon
HTC One in USA

HTC One has finally made it to the American market, initial pricing policy is a day-time robbery though.

After being delayed in most countries, the HTC One mobile casino tamer has finally been released in the US. The smartphone can currently be purchased on Amazon, but the prices are quite high ranging from $800 to $900.

Unfortunately, there’s still no certainty about exactly when will the devices reach the prospective buyers. One Amazon seller listing the newest Android casino monster can only provide a rough estimate on when the HTC will be delivered.

Other Amazon sellers state 6-10 days for the delivery period, which in fact will coincide with the official release date of the mobile casino games device on the American market. It’s also worth mentioning that these sellers are asking an exuberant $900 for the device.

As for the American wireless carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are all accepting pre-orders for the smartphone and say the HTC One will ship on April 19. 2-year contract deal prices from AT&T are as follows: $200 for the 32GB version, and $300 for the 64GB model. Sprint’s pricing policy is the same, while T-Mobile is asking $99 plus additional $20 during 24 months (bringing the total tally to $580).

There’s also one particular seller asking $1,180 for the device, and promising to deliver in 1-2 days. We advise caution here, surely no mobile casino gambling experience is worth paying that much money for a phone, even if we’re talking about being able to play the best free no download slot on one of the best smartphones.

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